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Love me when I'm Naked

You blew me away

You changed the rules

Loneliness, I knew

Solitude, I could cope with

Before you, that was before you

It's crazy now to think that it all started with one look


It was the first time I felt naked

I felt like you could see it all

I felt like you could see my fears

I felt like you could see my pain

You looked at me, and all my barriers were demolished

You saw me

I could see you too

At least I thought I could

You made me feel special, you made feel unique, you made me feel like the most expensive diamond

I knew it was dangerous

I knew I risked burning in hell

I was playing with fire

But that game is addictive

I got addicted

My fears and pains? Forgotten

I felt invincible

The world was on my feet

You made me feel like I had wings

I was Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman

All 3 reunited

You made me love my imperfections

You made them beautiful

You made me conquer my most hidden fears

So I got naked

I showed you the real me

The me nobody had ever seen

I showed you the good and the bad

I drew a map to my soul

I showed you every root to my heart

You could see it all

And the me after you?

Shattered, devastated, slaughtered

You left me empty

The me before you was gone

Was the bad too bad?

The good not good enough?

Was I not pretty enough?

Wasn't I enough?

Maybe I showed too much

Maybe I loved too much

Or maybe we weren't meant to be

Maybe you were a stop

Maybe you weren't the destination

But it's okay, I will be okay

I will get to my destination

I will find myself again

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