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The feeling series: Love

I don’t know what love is. There is a tremendous number of quotes, authors, scientists, books and videos that « explain » what love is. None of which have convinced me. See, to me, love is abstract, and love is real. Love is pure bliss, and love is agony. Love is addiction, and love is withdrawal. Love is being higher than the sky, and love is being lost in the abyss. Love is giving, caring, and hoping. Love is sacrifice, strength, courage and grit. If you welcome love, you welcome hurt. You welcome being vulnerable. You welcome the fact that the ones you love will hurt you, you accept that they will leave, you accept that they might be unworthy of your love. Love is exposing yourself, your weaknesses and your most hidden features. Love will make you invincible, love will make you breakable. Love will build you up, love will destroy you. Love will make you a better person, or not.

I believe love comes in a thousand shapes. I believe love comes with facts. I believe love is an ideal never attained. I believe love is real. I believe love is deserved not offered. I believe in the name of love, we achieve great things, and in the name of love, we are capable of the unspeakable.

Is love worth all the trouble? the pain? the horror?

I believe it is. I believe a mother being ready to overcome any obstacle for her child, is grandiose. I believe a sister going after the world to protect her sibling, is magnificent. I believe a father taking every stroke without ever complaining, is heartening. I believe a friend being there for you when you cry and when you laugh, is a blessing. I believe a loved one, being there, for better or for worse, is outstanding.

I believe love, when real, deserved, and honest, is the most beautiful part of being human.

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