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I was wondering if you’d come tonight

Yesterday was unreal

We traveled without ever moving

We saw oxygen

I could see every ray of love

Of pain

Of joy

Of passion

Coming out of you

I could hear the air coming in and out

I could see music

I thought I knew

I thought I had lived it all

But yesterday was unreal

I felt all of you

I felt all of me

I felt all of us

In the deepest part of my soul

The past, the future, was all a blur

Only that moment, only the now mattered

You & me

Traveling through our dreams

Traveling through possibilities

Traveling through desire

Traveling through hope

Without ever judging

Without ever thinking

Just feeling

Feeling our bodies

Feeling our souls

Feeling one another

Experiencing complete bliss

Were we high ?

Were we drunk ?

I don’t care, as long as you come back tonight

I want to feel like I’m drowning in pleasure again

I want to feel overwhelmed by your eyes again

Look at me like you see me

Like you see my past, and you don’t care

Like you see my future, and you’re not scared

Like you see me now, and you love what you see

Let’s get lost

Let’s forget pain

* I do not own the rights to that song or this picture

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