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Happily ever afters

Mum and dad are fighting again. This time, dad accidentaly spilled tee on mum’s new dress, so she asked him why he hates her. She said he’s hated her ever since they got married, she hates him too. She cried, yelled, broke two glasses and a plate. I told Billy to go to bed, nothing worth seeing there. I went to my room too, I love my room. I can see almost everybody’s life in the building across the street and forget about mine.

On the first floor Sarah and her friends are trying yet another nail polish. Her mum forbade it last week, said it made God sad. Her brother is kissing a girl in his room, must be the 5th this week. I don’t know that they really make God sad, but their mum seems pretty certain. She preaches in the church around the corner. She’s always so sure about what God wants, needs and demands, she knows what makes him happy, and sad. I wish she’d know her kids as much. She has no idea Sarah just went through an abortion. She doesn’t suspect for a second that her son got kicked out of school 5 weeks ago for assaulting another kid. I wish God would tell her since they’re so close.

Dave and Anthony are smoking pot again on the second floor, they bought it from Alex on the fifth.Their dad hasn’t been home since he found his wife and his brother in his bedroom. Dave and Anthony are very close. Ever since their dad lost his job and started drinking, Dave has been working all he could; he supports the family now. His mum was a model back when she was 20, a very successful one. Then she was in an accident and got a scar on her face, not one agency ever took her again. I guess she’s been trying to get approval from every man that would look at her like she was still 20. Approval that she’s pretty and worthy. I’m not sure why, but I think her husband always knew.

Elisabeth’s father is crying again, her mum left them a year ago. He’s been crying since then. He’s been too busy crying to notice she’s literally stumbling through her life. Girls in my school are mean to her, Cynthia did everything she could to get her in multiple detentions. Now she won’t be able to get any scholarship. Her ex left her right after they had sex, and told everyone she’s a slut. She loved and trusted him, he was her shield, and I guess he was what kept her standing. Now she’s just a shadow, passing through life. The light that used to shine in her eyes has been gone for a while now; and her dad, still too busy crying over his gone wife to notice.

5th floor. My favorite. Next to the pot sellers, is the Shanigans home. They could use their house as a clean room for scientific experiments. Michelle, cleans that house from 6am to 10pm, Michael is a doctor, neurosurgeon. They have 2 kids, Jared just got his scholarship to study law in Harvard, Estelle just got one to study computer sciences at MIT. Although, I never see them hugging, laughing or just spending time together, I also never see them fighting.They have dinner at 6pm every night, then Michael goes back to the hospital, Michelle goes back to cleaning, Jared and Estelle go to their room. They never fight, this must be the happily ever after they talk about in books.

* I do not own the rights to this painting

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