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Shamelessly us.

I still think about it and can’t believe it was real

I can’t believe you happened

I can’t believe We happened

1 year & 9 months

Every room in my house is a memory of our epic laughs, screams and tears

Our conversations completely ridiculed every second of my life before

You woke me up

You woke my grit

Grit to live to my full humanity

Grit to appreciate every quality and embrace every flaw

We explored every dimension of life

We questioned every idea, principle and belief that was fed to us

We created a beautiful world

A world in which parents raise boys and girls with same expectations

With same responsibilities

With same rights

A world in which believing in God doesn’t restrain you from doubting religion

A world in which failing doesn't reflect your worth

A world in which money is just something you need in case you don't die tomorrow

A world in which pasta, chicken and wine can end wars

We redefined right and wrong

Laughing never felt so curative

Crying never felt so liberating

We lived

We richly, wildly, fiercely lived

It hurts that you’re gone, but it's comforting to know that you're happy

The pain is okay, it reminds me of how radiant and real We were

If I was given a chance to go back, I wouldn’t change a thing

I would rather 1 minute of us, than a lifetime of nothing special

We will meet again

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