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Love Her, not the idea of her

Read with this: link

Do you love her? Do you truly love her?

Well, I have one advice

Let her fly

Let her be who she was meant to be

Let her climb that mountain

Let her jump off that plane

We mistake love for jail, very often

Love shouldn’t prohibit one from being their true self

It should set them free

It should provide them the confidence to be weird

To be high and drunk while feeling safe

Love should liberate one’s soul, not imprison it to someone else’s expectations

We are way more than other’s picture us

We are way more than daughters, brothers, fathers or mothers

We are imperfect souls with unique passions

If you love her, accept her passions, however creepy

However weird, sinful or unorthodox

Understand her journey rather than imagining it

Embrace her past, don’t erase it

She was someone before she met you

She comes from a place, from a time, from a context

She is whole

But she needs to share her fears, her secrets and her dreams

She needs a partner, not an architect

Don’t try to fix her

Don’t try to make her what you always dreamed of

Don’t minimize her to your expectations

Understand her soul

Either love it or leave it

But if you stay, love her, completely, authentically and shamelessly

* I do not own the rights to that song or this painting

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