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Dear future daughter

I was just sitting here eating yogurt and thinking of my relationship with my mum. I don't think no one can ever love me as much as she does. Yet, we don't have 360° super wide open kinda relationship.

I was thinking what I wish I could tell her. And it got me to think what I wish my daughter would know. I don't know if I'll be a parent or what will be the quality of parenting I'll be giving. But as of this instant, I hope my daughter knows this:

Everyone is afraid. You'll think you want to be grown because it resembles freedom, but it is not. Not in this world. Freedom is not waiting for you, it will not just happen in your life at a certain point. Quite the contrary, you will feel more and more imprisoned. By bills, by your boss, by your colleagues who think you must have a good mariage to be respectable, by your neighbor who will demand that your lawn be perfect and your house quiet. By your friends, who will want you to be happy and just a little sad but not too much because they got their own shit to deal with. By yourself, thinking you're not good enough and never will be.

Freedom is taken. You either live or you exist. You're written about or you write about others or you read about others. Society is what it is, you can accept it, or defy it. There's no guarantee you will succeed, but if you walk the earth being your unapologetic authentic self, I'm 100% sure you will live a life worth reading about.

I want you to know that boys will be boys and girls will be girls. This doesn't mean you accept shit from anybody, this means you're prepared. This means you're prepared for the worst but hope for the best. This means you're the friend you wish you had and you accept the boyfriend/girlfriend you deserve.

I want you to know that just because all your friends are dating, doesn't mean you have to date at the same time. Just because their lives appear awesome, doesn't mean they're perfect. Everybody got highs. Everybody got lows. Appreciate your highs, be ready for your lows and learn from them. You're not ugly just because that boy didn't like you, you're not weird just because she doesn't want to be your friend. If you don't pretend to be anything you're not, you've lived more than I have, keep up the good work.

You don't have to make a buttload of money, you don't have to be a doctor, a lawyer, or an astronaut, but know that you can be. You can be anything and anyone you want to be. It might take grit, perseverance and craziness to get where you want, but if you believe that's why you were put on earth for, then bloody go for it.

Love as much as you can and say it. Scream it out loud. Love is not a transaction, you don't need others to feel the same way, they never will. Write it in the sky, or on the sand, scream it to the crowd. It is pointless to love without sharing it, you don't need reciprocity, you need to feel, you need to be true to yourself and your feelings. You need to acknowledge your emotions. You won't die if they don't like or love you back. Trust me, worse shit happens. You will die from not being true and honest with yourself and others.

People can be assholes, and you will meet a gigantic amount of them. But people are good too, hold on to these ones. Appreciate them, learn form them and resist the other kind. You're not a punching ball, you're not a sponge. Some shit you will have to take, some you will have to fight. People will take as much and more than you can give. Love yourself enough to stand for yourself, no one else will. (Except for these few exceptional ones we meet once every century).

Never give up on hope, hope for a better tomorrow, for a kinder, fairer, happier, and brighter tomorrow. And work for it. Don't just wait for it, work your ass off for it.

I love you. Love yourself, respect yourself and others. Last but not least, enjoy your time on earth.

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