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Living on purpose.

I read the sentence "Live with intention" somewhere. It took me a while to understand the sentence but I think today I get it. There are things we inherit, things we're good at, things we know well and things we wonder about. And there's passion.

I had dinner last night with one of my closest friend, and he got an internship that was tailor-made for him. When he talks about the company and his future job, he seems superior, he is beautiful, he is powerful and seems out of this world. It is just now that I understand why passion is what distinguishes those who live on purpose and those who follow the river.

I think living on purpose means choosing your life. It got me to think how many aspects of my life are self-imposed. To illustrate that let's take my hair: I don't think I have the haircut I want, I do it because it works. People accept it and I don't hate it so it works. Deep down I know I want to cut them. If I did, that would be my first step towards living on purpose and choosing my life. Now haircuts might seem shallow but let's take people we "choose" to hangout with. Most of them we've known for ages others we just met. And we either met them at school, at work, at a friend's party or on a dating website. And the most real thing in our relationships is that they're convenient. Above anything else, they are convenient. They are socially approved, it seems to work and give some sort of balance and normality to our lives. But how boring is that ??? Be honest here and think about whether you actually designed your relationships. Did you? A lot of married couples stay together because it makes either financial or social sense. Very few remain together because they love each other.

Choosing your life takes effort, courage and time, and who has time these days? Then we wake up, at 45 with 4 kids we never see, a job we hate and a husband/wife we merely tolerate.

Passion. I think passion is that thing we miss, it's that thing we look for at 50 when we feel like we took the wrong train. Doing something you love has many costs and it is worth every single penny, every single struggle. Very few are privileged enough to be able to make a living out of it, but it doesn't mean we can't do what we love. First thing is to figure out what it is that makes all your cells come alive. Do you really love being an accountant or are you just good at it? Do you really love selling houses or do you love the salary? That's the first battle, finding out what merely happened and what was an actual choice.

Are your friends actual choices? Do you love being around them? Does he make you laugh? Do you have fun? Do you like your life? Would you want your life if given the choice?

I'm turning 25 next year and the one goal I have is to live on purpose. I hope you too, try and live on purpose: don't let pride, shame, laziness, conventions, family, friends or money stop you. Take that plane, ask his number, break up that toxic relationship, tell that "friend" to go _ herself, quit that job. Do those things that would give meaning to your life, do those things that would make you beautiful, authentic and be unapologetic about it. Because that's what happens when you love your life regardless of convenience, you live with intention and you never look back wondering what led you here, you know.

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