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Out of this world

You ever look at the sky and think: this is bigger than you and me Ever do that ? I used to I used to think it just can't stop here, there's more we don't know Until I witnessed « us » Until you became my gravity Until oxygen felt less important than your touch « We » were bigger than you and me Every moment, every minute with you Was worth years of agony Wars, pain, horror couldn’t corrupt us I traveled in thousands places Through thousands of generations I lived thousand lives In one conversation With you Over coffee I used to think I was too weird to ever grow old with anybody Then you happened And it felt like there was a happily ever after for me too You were like that light that I used to see over my window Shining through my door Bringing light into my room But I never could see where you came from I could only imagine Imagine that we were meant to be That someone, someday had written in a golden book, that you and I, were meant to be Until the end of times That even death wouldn’t break us apart Two souls Forever wondering in the universe A connection bigger than scientific facts Bigger than gravity Bigger than life Even now, when I look at the sky I still feel you I can picture your soul wondering Waiting for me I still feel your warmth in every breath I take I still hear your voice when I listen I still see your face when I close my eyes

Our memories are boxes that I open now and then

I open our happy moments after a crappy day

I feel our love when I'm lonely I know I will meet you again In this life or another

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