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Shit is getting real!

I think the scariest thing for all of us with that quarantine phase, is having to face those we live with and ourselves. It's an era in which the strongest aren't those who can bring home fresh cut wood. Today the strongest are those who can face their thoughts with zero distraction, zero intermediary: just you and you. And NOT go crazy.

Couples and families have less excuses not to spend time together. Yes Gerard, I cut my hair a month ago and you couldn't care less. Yes mum, I gained weight and I'm gay. No dad, I don't want to follow your steps. Yes Tiffany, that dress makes you look fat.

*May the hunger games begin*

Man, you think you've seen it all? Shut your eyes for a second with no noise, with no one around, just you. HELLO mister anxiety! NICE to see you again lady depression! How do you do uncle doubt and fear? Our world is designed in a way that we're constantly in a noisy space. If it's not your cellphone, it's work, it's a bar, a movie, a game, or a concert. We're constantly busy entertaining others and society's accepted status quo. But now? When you're done calling everyone and have watched every Netflix show? What's left? Are you happy? Are you scared? Are you where you want to be? Would you want to be you if you could do it all over again? Are you someone you respect? Are you a decent human being?

It's not a crisis, it's an opportunity: to reflect, to do an introspection and come out healed, better, and smarter. But most importantly, it's an opportunity to understand what being human is all about. We always think what's happening somewhere else is not my problem: well guess what? Coronavirus ain't got no passport but has travelled more than I have. Across skin color, age, social status, origin and nationality. It shows you how much we underestimate how connected we are. The decisions taken here today, can and will impact people across the globe.

We have one life, one planet, one chance. Let's try to be smarter than those before us, and let's try to heal the world. One human at a time. One kindness at a time. One openness at a time. One bravery at a time.

Learn to like hanging out with yourself, and try to be good.

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