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Loyally, bravely, truly me

*Read while listening to Loyal, brave and true - Christina Aguilera


Ride -Lana Del Rey*

If you don’t love me, who will?

I am

I was

I will be what I am

Mum, you did well

I love, I care

I am bravely weak in a world that leaves no space for flaws

I dream, I wonder, I believe

Mum, I believe in you, I believe in humanity, I believe in me

I am beautifully scarred in a world that doesn’t tolerate imperfections

I disagree mum

You did not fail me because me I don’t follow and obey

Mum, you gave me the greatest gift

I think for myself, I have a voice, I am not afraid to rebel

I am whole

I don’t conform

I don’t know everything

I am confused

I am searching for my truth

I am searching for my happiness

Not what they defined as « good »

I am aiming to be my own kind of good

My own kind of loyal, brave and true

I don’t think dad is disappointed, mum

I truly hope he sees me

I truly hope he sees me for who I am

I truly hope he sees my confusion and is happy that I have a free mind

I truly hope he roots for me, regardless of what and who I am

I truly hope he holds my hand when I feel lonely

I truly hope he's got my back

No matter my flaws, weaknesses and colors

I truly hope he smiles when i’m happy

Even if it’s not how he wishes I was happy

Even if I am opposite to his notion of decent

I truly hope he loves me more than his principles

I truly hope he is loyal to me, more than he is to his fears

I am whole mum

I am a woman

I am imperfect

I hope you will want to get to know me sometime in this lifetime

I hope you will want to understand me

Listen, not just wait for me to be done to tell me how wrong I am

Love me, don't just tick all the boxes you were told I should fill

Be proud, regardless

Support me, no matter what they say

Laugh with me when everybody thinks I am crazy

Stand for me, when the world doesn't approve of me

I will never stop believing

That I am worth loving

That I, without the degrees, figures, looks and husband

I, Grace, am not a failure

I am worth loving

I am worth supporting, forgiving and caring for

I am great

I love you, mum

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