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Anxiety 101

I've been in denial

Not facing the excess nor lack of

Comforting myself that I am fine

I should be fine, I have no right not to be

It's not okay to not be okay

It's selfish of me to not be cheerful




I guess I am selfish then

I don't know what's missing

I feel abandoned by the universe

Something is not right

I should be content, excited for the future, eager for tomorrow

Yet I'm just watching my life passing by

A mere outsider to my story

Observing, not involved

Smiling when I should

What is missing? or Who?

Is it a who that's missing?

Tears aren't coming down

My feelings are keeping me in the dark

I am clueless

Don't know how to solve this puzzle

I don't know the recipe to take control of my life and own my happiness

Along the way my dreams and goals got fuzzy

I'm confused

Torn between responsibility and expectations

I don't know what to feel


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