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I choose Her

I never tried

I never had an agenda

I never aimed

It just happened

She was more than I expected

She is more than I deserve

It just was




It was unconditional

I missed her before I knew her

I craved her after I did

I cherished her after loosing her

You see, I spend my days trying

Until her

Until I talk to her

I don't try anymore

I am

She is enough

And makes feel like I am

If I were asked to picture my life 50 years from now

I would choose the laugh

I would choose vulnerability, imperfection, irrationality

I would choose Her

I would choose her past, her present and the hope of future memories with her

It might have been fate at the beginning

Then it became a path, a way of living, a goal

Then she became a choice

She became my choice


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