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It started as a joke

"Mom, she's the girl I will marry"

I was hungry

I asked for food

And you introduced me to your mum

I didn't care at first

I was hungry

For fun

For food

For memories

I was hungry for oblivion

But then you became more than a fun memory

You became important

And then you became precious

Society can't define what is important

Or precious

My heart will

And it did

You were precious

I trusted you without understanding you

I believed you without knowing you

Was it fate?

I am simple

I just know simple things

I know I loved you

I know I trust you

I know I want you to be happy

I know I'm not right for you

I know I'm rooting for you

I always will

I met you before I met me

I couldn't truly see you

I didn't know how to see

I didn't know how to forgive, cherish, care and accept

I didn't know how to stand for myself

I just knew to act

Act like what was expected of me

Leaving me was the best thing you ever did for me

I met me

I met my mind, heart and soul

I acknowledged my shortcomings

And accepted them

I want to know you more

I want to know what makes you happy

I want to be your friend

I want to build something with you

I want you to be proud of me

But for now, entering the door

The door to your past and present

Is enough.

I love you.


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