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The unseen hand behind my brilliance

I have met few people that have sparked awe in me

Pretty difficult to be amazed when you grow up with real-life heroes

I’m not talking about the ones we see on TV, born with supernatural powers

I am talking about heroes who grew supernatural powers to overcome what life was throwing at them

My second mum, the one who had every reason to give up

The one to whom life gave no break, no luck, no favor

I witnessed HER

I witnessed a human being developing the capacity to love when she had no reason to

She nurtured me in ways she could only dream of

I was able to dream and wonder because of her

When she could only think of tomorrow

When she could only think rationally and for all

When she could only work hard without ever complaining

I had room for mistakes, summers, trips, fun, friends, break ups

Because she made no mistake, at every point of her life

Even when she should have been irresponsible and selfish

Even when she should have just been a teenager, a girl, a daughter, a sister

She wasn’t

She was the hard working dad

She was the loving and warm mother

She was the inspiration

She was the heartbeat of the family

Never thinking of her

Never thinking of what she wanted to be and become

Never thinking of her desires, dreams and hopes

Only thinking for all

Only thinking of our well-being

I was able to think, grow and create because she designed a beautiful, just, and loving world for me

Growing up I thought she was perfect

But then I got to know her backstage

I discovered her scars, her fears, her pains

Which she never, ever complained about

No matter how scary, big or painful

Backstage, she was a little girl craving affection and support

She was a teenager afraid of getting hurt

She was a daughter craving directions, validation and mentorship

That’s when I witnessed what real-life super heroes were like

Those who are brave enough to be good to others when they have no reason to be

Those who love unconditionally without expectations

Those who give more than they have

Those who don’t pretend to be strong, those who have the choice, and choose to be decent human beings

Those who aren’t perfect but extraordinary.

The unseen hand behind my brilliance, my big sister. Happy birthday.

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